We get hospitals, because we were created by one.

IntegraDose was started to solve a simple hospital need: to get the most commonly compounded medications to patients as quickly, accurately and efficiently as possible. We deliver compounded products more efficiently, so you can care for your patients more effectively.

Why IntegraDose?

From Hospitals for Hospitals

We were started by hospital pharmacies and are part of a health-system. Everything we make and sell has been proven in our own hospitals.

Compounding Impact

It’s a new way of thinking about compounding—how clinicians use and deliver medications—and it can have a dramatic effect on the bottom line. We sell compounded medications we know can help a hospital run more efficiently.

Simplified Operation

Hospitals are complicated enough. So we imagined what could be accomplished if your people spent less time on repetitive production and put that focus on patient outcomes. 

Hospital Insights

We’re part of a health-system, so we’ve seen the operational waste and inefficiencies that can be solved by streamlining how certain medications are made available. 

State-of-the-Art Facility

Our new 503B compounding facility effectively meets or exceeds all regulations with five cleanrooms and both on-site and external lab testing to guarantee quality prior to release.

Faster Fulfillment

We compound our medications in anticipation of need, based on our knowledge of patient volumes. That means we can get our products to you faster—usually in a day—than most other 503B compounding pharmacies.

Our Products

We can treat your hospital’s pain points by changing how you provide care to your patients.

Our compounded products are designed to anticipate your needs, minimize drug shortages and are typically stable for months—instead of mere hours—and both on-site and external lab testing are used to ensure potency, endotoxin, and sterility prior to release.

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2 Gram/20 mL in Sterile Water
Syringe for Injection Concentration 100 mg/mL
3 Gram/30 mL in Sterile Water
Syringe for Injection Concentration 100 mg/mL

Narcotic CADD Cassettes

Fentanyl Citrate

2500 mcg/ 50 mL
CADD for Injection Concentration 50 mcg/mL

Hydromorphone Hydrochloride

20 mg/ 100 mL
CADD for Injection Concentration 0.2 mg/mL

Oxytocin Infusion


30 Units in 0.9% Sodium Chloride
Bag for Injection (Volume ~545 mL)


Fentanyl + Ropivacaine CADD

Fentanyl 2 mcg/mL + Ropivacaine 0.1% in 0.9% Sodium Chloride 200 mL
CADD for Injection (For Epidural Use)

Fentanyl + Ropivacaine Bag

Fentanyl 2 mcg/mL + Ropivacaine 0.1% in 0.9% Sodium Chloride 200 mL
Bag for Injection (For Epidural Use)

Anesthesia Syringes

Phenylephrine Hydrochloride

1000 mcg/10 mL in 0.9% Sodium Chloride
Syringe for Injection Concentration 100 mcg/mL


2 units/2 mL in 0.9% Sodium Chloride
Syringe for Injection Concentration 1 unit/mL

About IntegraDose

We’re here to make a hospital work better at a time when it’s hard to make a hospital work at all.

IntegraDose started as a part of Fairview Pharmacy, a leader in health-system pharmacy innovation.  As part of a health system, we understand the ins and outs of sterile compounding and understand the importance of getting the most commonly compounded medications to patients as quickly, accurately and efficiently as possible.  At IntegraDose, we’ve reimagined the process to anticipate needs, minimize drug shortage impacts, provide better products and drive system standardization.  That helps hospitals deliver commonly compounded medications more efficiently, reduce their liability risk and realize savings that extend from the pharmacy all the way to the patient.

Committed to Quality

We use these products in our own hospitals first, and we are committed to the highest standards of quality and safety. We maintain compliance with all regulatory requirements and expectations including 21 Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 210 & 211 and Interim Guidance for Human Drug Compounding Outsourcing Facilities Under Section 503B of the FD&C Act.

State-of-the-art Facility

Our 503B compounding facility is designed to ensure the rooms, air, hoods, and staff are actively sampled during production and all process steps are well defined, monitored and reviewed. And each product our facility produces is validated through long term testing, each batch is sampled for potency, sterility and bacterial endotoxin and all medication batches are quarantined until successful sample results have been confirmed by external test labs.

Our People

Craig Else

COO, IntegraDose Compounding Services

Craig grew up in his dad’s community pharmacy.  He was a hospital pharmacy technician for 11 years, hospital staff pharmacist for 10 years, hospital manager/director for 10 years, and a health-system pharmacy director for 4 years. In addition, he been a long time Board Member and Past-President of both the Minnesota Society of Health-System Pharmacists and the Minnesota Pharmacists Association. His extensive experience in acute-care settings is what led him to start IntegraDose. 

Kimberly A Grandprey

Pharmaceutical Compounding QA Program Manager

Kimberly is the Pharmaceutical Compounding Quality Assurance Program Manager at IntegraDose. A University of Minnesota graduate, she has more than 30 years in the quality control and quality assurance fields and is— it’s fair to say — a proven expert in pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical device, and environmental testing areas including establishing and maintenance of FDA, EPA, ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 registrations, SOP/Documentation and Document Control, OOS/RCA investigation and CAPA Management. In other words, she knows Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) inside and out.